A Rainy Day In Reykjavik

It was raining during my first trip to Reykjavik so I went to Reykjavík’s most attention-seeking building. It is the immense concrete church Hallgrímskirkja  It’s visible from 12 miles away. You can get an unmissable view of the city by taking an elevator trip up the 230 foot high tower

In contrast to this colossus on the outside, the church’s interior is plain. The most startling feature is the vast 5275-pipe organ , which has a weapon-like appearance.

The church’s radical design caused huge controversy, and its architect, Guðjón Samúelsson, never lived to see its completion – it took 34 years (1940–74) to build. The columns on either side of the tower represent volcanic basalt – a favorite motif of Icelandic nationalists. Hallgrímskirkja was named after the poet Reverend Hallgrímur Pétursson, who wrote Iceland’s most popular hymn book.

The statue in front of the church is of the Viking Leifur Eiríksson, the first European to stumble across America. It was a present from the USA on the 1000th anniversary of the Alþing (National Assembly).

I’ll post more pictures of the church when I compile my photos of Reykjavik.

I am using the Lonely Planet “Iceland Travel Guide to help me summarize important facts all along this trip.

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