Dingle Peninsula and Dingle Town

Here I am at the end of a one and one half day, two night stay in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  Dingle Town and The Dingle Peninsula is Europe’s westernmost point.  The closest land mass after this is North America. Dingle Town is located in County Kerry known for such famous places as Killarney, and Kerry.

Yesterday’s trip was uneventful.  The train was was on time and when I arrived in Tralee to transfer to the bus I only had to walk across the street.  It took about 90 minutes from Tralee to Dingle, the bus was not full so I was able to place my back pack on the seat next to me. The bus terminated directly across from the guest house where I’ve been staying.  What’s not to like about that?

My hosts at this very old converted stables were the nicest people.  They were so much fun I hate to leave we had such a good time talking.  They were also very helpful since Dingle Town is stuck in a pattern of heavy rain showers followed by periods of sun.  The rain comes up on you all of a sudden and comes down in buckets for anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, then the sky's clear for about an hour and then the cycle repeats itself.  It is raining as I write this.  There are a couple of theories about this.  One is the hot weather.  Apparently, any temperature over 60 degrees is considered hot here and mixes with the cold weather and rain showers develop.  Another theory is that the remnants of Tropical Storm Bertha is apparently churning a few hundred miles west of here and this second theory sounds more credible to me.

I arrived here with the goal of hiking today in the Dingle Peninsula.  However, my hosts advised against this because with all the rain the trails are quite muddy.  They suggested a mini tour bus that does two two hour tours a day.  They suggested I wait to make a reservation till this morning to see when the weather would be at its best.  So this morning when the forecast predicted a fairly nice afternoon I decided to make the reservation.  However, when I called the mini bus tour to make a reservation for today I was told that both tours were completely booked.  It looked like I was not going to see the peninsula unless I could find a car or hire a driver.  So I asked my hosts if they had an idea.  They told me I would really not enjoy driving since the roads are very narrow and not being familiar with driving on the left side with the drivers side on the right would not make for a pleasant afternoon.  How about a driver or guide I asked.  They said a taxi would be very expensive if I was able to find one.  They suggested that they would take me for a tour.  And for an incredible four hours we drove around the peninsula, stopped so I could take many pictures and some videos.  Now if that’s not hospitality, kindness, and the beginning of friendship I don’t what is.

I’m a little sad to leave Dingle.  Its a wonderful place to spend a week or so hiking and just enjoying the breath taking scenery.  Additionally, this little town has 53, yes 53 pubs.  The most pubs per square kilometer in Ireland.  I ate in pubs for lunch and dinner yesterday and today.  So I’ve already frequented four of them.  The food is good and reasonably priced.

I had two “why we travel” moments today.  I captured them both on video.  My internet connection is pretty slow so I most likely will not get the photos or videos published till tomorrow at the earliest.  I’ll put them together in my web software program while I travel on the train to Dublin tomorrow which is the next stop and last stop in Ireland.

Dingle Town.  I’ll be back!

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