From Bilbao to Mieses, Potes and A Very steep Excellent Hike

Yesterday I arose at about 6:00 AM, showered, shaved, had breakfast, checked out of my hotel, and made the 15 minute walk to the Renfe Train Station where I was supposed to pick up my rental car.  They supplied me with a VW Polo Diesel with a 5 speed manual transmission.  Pretty much what I wanted.  I also rented a Garmin GPS since I had no idea where Mieses was.  Once I got into the car and hooked up the GPS and tried to key in Mieses, the GPS could not find the town.  Even the Zip code didn’t come up with a match.  I did know however, that Mieses was very close to Potes, and the GPS knew where Potes was.  So I decided that I would get to Potes and ask how to get to Mieses.  The car and GPS performed very well over the 216 Km or 134 mile trip and when I arrived in Potes there were signs to the guest house where I had my reservation.  It turns out that Mieses is only about 1.25 miles from Potes and there may be five houses that comprise the town which is a pretty steep climb/drive up from the main road.  I know because I not only drove up the road I also made two round trips into Potes on foot yesterday.

I took the picture above from my bed.  Nice view don’t you think?

Potes itself reminds me of a New England tourist town with lots of local souvenir shops and restaurants.  I also learned that Potes makes its own cheese, it’s own pastries. its own chocolate and its own wine as well as liquor.  I tried one of the pastries yesterday afternoon.  Excellent.  I also purchased the Potes made dark chocolate in little bit sized bars.  I purchased a bag and let me tell you I’ll be purchasing about 3 more bags to get me through the rest of the trip.  Very yummy dark chocolate that is 80% cacao.  

Although Potes is a tourist town, this region is a serious hiking area.  The place is filled with hikers and rock climbers.  You will see what I mean when I upload the photos.

Today, I awoke and asked my host for some hiking suggestions and told me of a hike and a trail that wan not very far away.  My host showed my the summit from the guest house and said it was a pretty steep climb  but I decided to do it.  Long story short I made it to the summit and back without incident other that being drenched and quite dirty from the climb up and down,  It will be interesting to see how my legs feel tomorrow and whether I’ll be able to do another suggested hike.

I’ll try and get the pictures from today’s hike posted tonight. © Louis M. Skypala 2014