Living Out Of A Suitcase

I think the hardest part of traveling for me is toating all of my belongings with me to each place and I visit during my 91 days on the road.  That means packing as light as I can because I’ll be pulling, and lifting all of this stuff a lot over the next 91 days.  However, I also jave to pack enough variety so I’ll have the appropriate atire for most occasions.

I am traveling with a 22 inch carryon, a small athletic bag and a large backpack.  Into my carryon suitcase is two pair of tropical weight kaki paints, two long sleeved travel shirts, three pair of topoical weight cargo shorts, two short sleeved travel shirts, three pair of travel underpants, three pair of undershirts, three pair of socks, one pair of dress socks, three handkerchiefs,  swim trunks, a fleece, rain coat, and two baseball caps.  That’s in addition to what I am wearing.  In my athletic bag I have two pair of lightweight hiking shoes, one pair of sneakers, one and one pair of light weight dress shoes, and one pair of flip flops and my toiletries case.  My backpack contains all of my technology and my complete itenary. 

Each night before retiring I hand wash my underwear, socks and handerkershief.  Because they are made of polyproplene they will usually dry overnight.  My plan is to change my cargo shorts each day but wear each pair seven times before washing,  They might get a little dirty but they should not smell bad.  If this plan works I should only have to do laundry once every 28 or about four times during this trip.  I very well may have to do laundry more than four times, however, that the paln I’ve laid out.

Here are a few pictures taken at my hotel in Oslo of the buffet breakfast.  Food for every international taste. © Louis M. Skypala 2014