My Day Trip To The Blue Lagoon and Grindayik

My last day in Iceland was about as stormy as you can imagine.  What we in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states would call a Nor’easter.  It consisted of wind swept rain.  It was cold as well.  I was not able to take many pictures.  This day I would use my iPhone.  To get a better idea how bad the weather was look at the video’s.

When I stopped at the Blue Lagoon, the place was mobbed and when I went into the reception area and discovered it cost $70.00 to sit in the lagoon I decided that my money would be better spent elsewhere.

I then drove to Grindayik for a wonderful lunch and a self driving tour of the part of Grindayik that jets out into the Atlantic Ocean.  Grindavik, the only settlement on the south coast of Reykjanes, is one of Iceland’s most important fishing centers.

After that I tried to go to some other places around the area, however, it was so stormy I decided to call it quits and return my rental car. © Louis M. Skypala 2014