Yesterday I visit the fable Unesco Heritage Site Stonehenge.  For almost $50.00 USD including bus fare and braving hordes of people I was, like everyone else, able to circle Stonehenge.  The rocks are large.  Well they seem large from a distance.  i’ll bet they are really large up close.  It’s impressive that this ancient civilization were able to transport these large rocks to this location. The general thinking these days is the circle was a a seasonal clock that told them exactly when the solstice and equinox occurred.  The circle is incomplete because over the centuries they been taken away.  Some have fallen down.  So I guess its a ruin   The pictures are already uploaded so you can go look at them.  I guess you’re getting the impression that I wasn’t all that impressed.  Well you would be correct.  That old Randy Newman record that Peggy Lee recorded in the 70’s kept popping into my head.  “Is That All There Is?”  Maybe if I/we could have gotten closer.  However, I understand why there in no longer any access seeing how many people were there on a chilly, misty day.  If you want to learn more about Stonehenge click on this link.

Today I caught a train headed for Fishguard which is on the coast of Wales. I actually had to take two trains to get here.  The first was the same line, Southwest Railway, to Cardiff Central.  There I changed trains and railways Fishguard. The name of the rail line is Arriva.

The entire trip took 5 hours and only covered 198 miles.  The big learning about this phase of the trip is that I actually could have made the ferry to Ireland today.  That’s the reason I’m in Fishguard tonight.  I wash’t sure if I could get from Salisbury to Fishguard to make the only daily crossing to Ireland.  As it turns out I would have had an hour and fifteen minutes to spare especially since the train terminates at the harbor where the ferry is.  So I get to spend the night here and tomorrow at 2:30 my ferry leaves for Ireland. © Louis M. Skypala 2014