The Journey From Fishgaurd to Wexford and then to Cork

Not a very good picture.  I should have taken a selfie.

Thursday, it seems so long ago, I left arrived at the ferry terminal, checked in and checked my baggage and boarded the ferry.  I took a seat in a quiet place and proceeded to read for the entire three and a half hour trip.  I didn’t even go outside.  I don’t know why.  I just didn’t feel like it.

The ferry arrived pretty much on time and after I retrieved my luggage I had to catch a bus from the ferry terminal to Wexford which was some twelve miles away.  Once I arrived in Wexford I found my way to the hotel, checked in dragged by luggage up four flights of stairs and then had to go right back down and demand to be moved to another room.  It seems the people in the room next to mine were made up of a rock band and they were practicing in their room.  Thats two bad hotels in one week.  So they moved me and I immediately went to the nicest pub I could find and had a Guinness exactly one hour and fifteen minutes after I put my feet on Irish soil.  I also had something to eat there as well

When I returned to my hotel room I discovered or should say heard another band coming from outside the hotel most likely from a pub, because there was cheering and clapping from down below.  I thought I don’t know what else to do at 10:00 PM so I’ll just not get upset and hope they stop by midnight.  Know what, they stopped at midnight, so I managed to get a fairly good nights sleep.

Yesterday, I got up early and walked down to the train station to find out what time the trains run from Wexford to Cork.  I arrived at the station at about 8:00 AM.  No one was there except a bus and a bus driver.  The driver told me trains do not go to Cork from Wexford.  I would have to take a bus.  Not only would I have to take a bus but I would have to change buses in Waterford.  I asked how often do they run not seeing a schedule anywhere and the driver replied every hour on the hour.  So I walked back to my hotel, had breakfast and leisurely packed and got ready to go to the bus station.  By this time the cloudy morning turned into a cold steady rain,  so I asked the clerk to call me a taxi for 10:00 AM since it was about a mile and a half to the train/bus station.

The cab took me there and 11:00 AM came and went and no bus.  Long about 11:30 AM the station master comes and I asked him about the bus and if there was a possibility of a train going to cork.  He said yes if I wanted to go by way of Dublin.  That made no sense at all so I resigned myself to taking the bus.  Then I asked if he know what happened to the 11:00 AM bus that a driver I met way back at 8:00 AM said would be here and the station master replied the only bus to Waterford with a connection to Cork is a 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM.  So I had another two hour wait.

Long about 1:30 PM the bus to Waterford pulls in and I put my luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus, and get on for the one hour journey to Waterford which was uneventful.

I changed busses at Waterford and this bus was beyond packed.  It was so packed I felt like the clothes in that large washer in Paris must have felt, if clothes could feel.  There were no overhead racks so I had to keep my 20 pound, or so it feels like, backpack on my lap for the next three plus hours while this bus made so many stops, the trip was just endless.

Well, when I arrived and got off the bus the hotel supplied me with great directions to the hotel and it seemed like a walk I could easily do so I started toward the hotel.  What they didn’t tell me was that from the bus station to the hotel was all up a very steep hill.  But I made it up pulling my carry on and athletic bag behind me and my heavy back pack on my back and around my shoulders.  I felt like a tractor pulling a 53 foot trailer up a hill.  The further I got the slower I walked.  But, I got to the hotel without having to stop but I was breathing rather hard and I really worked up a sweat.

So after checking in I went to dinner, walked around for a bit but not very long because it was quite chilly and breezy.

This morning I walked to the train station to find out about getting to Dingle, my next stop in Ireland come Monday.  I had a feeling this was not going to be easy and it wasn’t easy and it won’t be easy.  I will be able to take a train from Cork to Tralee, Ireland, then catch a bus to Dingle.  My next question was how do I get from Dingle to Dublin?  Well, I catch the bus to Tralee, then catch a train to (well I can’t remember what station I change trains at off the top of my head but the directions are in my fanny pack.  I’m just to lazy to go get them.) Anyway, I change trains at that station and then its a through train to Dublin.  At least I know how I’m going to go.

Today started out just beautiful but clouds began rolling in as i was leaving the train station.  So I began sightseeing.  Cork is a very pretty city.  It is second in size only to Dublin.  It’s a foodies paradise with oodles of restaurants and the so called “must see” in Cork, the English Market.  I must say that as I walked through and gazed at all the fresh, meats, fish, poultry  fruits, vegetables and all kinds of deserts, I started thinking how tired I am of eating in restaurants and how much I would like to cook and eat meals in my own home.  The English Market is a very cool place and I had a good time there.  I’ll post pictures of the English Market as well as pictures from Fishguard and Cork, hopefully before Monday.

After some lunch, alas at another restaurant, I headed to St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral.  Turns out this is an Anglican cathedral.  Now when I was in Salisbury, the Salisbury Cathedral was Anglican but thinking Ireland was Roman Catholic I was surprised that there was a Church of Ireland and even more surprised that the largest cathedral in Ireland is Anglican.  It is a magnificent cathedral with an interesting history.  Here is a link to their web site if you’re interested in learning more about this place.

While I was walking around I picked up a brochure advertising Cork’s Short Film Festival which began tonight and runs through the 16th of August.  I had every intention of attending the opening.  However, a storm is bringing a steady, hard rain and it’s a 25 minute walk and I do not want to risk getting wet and then maybe getting sick so I came back to my hotel room five minutes into my journey to the venue.  I’ll try again tomorrow

If you’re interested in learning more about cork here is a link with that information. © Louis M. Skypala 2014