Welcome To The Revised and Updated Site!

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When I started this site back in May of 2006 it was a way to share my adventures far and near with family and friends.  I think I did a pretty good job of writing blogs, posting pictures and more recently began adding videos.  However, after eight years the old site became so large that it was taking six to eight hours to upload new content.  The site had grown to about 15GB.  

As I began to think about the upcoming trip I knew something had to be done so I removed all of the old content and will begin posting new content within a couple of days after my arrival in Iceland on June 18.

Other than the fact that the old content has been removed the layout of the site will remain pretty much the same.  There will be a blog, photo albums and links to videos.  Why links to the video’s you ask?  Well the software package I am using to build and maintain the site was not, and still isn’t able to load HD video quickly as those of you who have tried viewing the few videos I’ve posted will attest to.

My plan is to upload the HD videos to Vimeo.  Perhaps you have heard of them.  They are an alternative to YouTube.  My vision is to post the links to each video with a short description of the video in the Big Lou’s Video’s section. 

You can subscribe to the RSS Feed and be automatically be alerted everytime I’ve updated the site.  Just click on the RSS feed link on the top right of this page. 

I would love to hear from you.  It’s simple and easy to do.  Simply click on the email link at the botom of any page on the site to send me a comment, question or suggestion. louis.skypala@verizon.net.

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